Sunday, September 20, 2020

Ah, those 'experts'

From Balkan Insights.

Headline: “Serbia’s Blacklisting of Hezbollah ‘a concession to Israel, US.”

“Belgrade’s decision to declare Hezbollah in its entirety ‘a terrorist organisation’ is a purely diplomatic move – and does not reflect any previous security assessments, experts told BIRN.

A reader can peruse the entire article, looking for the experts, and discover in the very last paragraph of the story:

“Experts say countries’ decisions to list Hezbollah as a terrorist organisation are often more of a friendly diplomatic act than a reflection of strategic realities.

Given the publication’s anti-Serb history, no other country in the area would have received negative treatment.

 Journalism 101: Identify sources by name and position. Otherwise, your story is meaningless. Less than meaningless, actually. A waste of time and space.




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