Thursday, September 10, 2020

Plantation mentality

 A woman who worked for my wife in the local council of a national non-profit took a higher paying and more prestigious job at a black college in Little Rock, Ark. Her job was to take care of the money.

Several months later, the woman in conversation said what bugged her most was when classroom teachers asked for money for projects. The woman always replied that the money for those projects was not presently budgeted and that the teachers should have requested the money when budgets were being prepared.

Invariably, she said, the teachers would say, “Well, you’re up here in the big house while we’re down there working in the fields.”

More plantation mentality was evident in a recent video when a black woman accosted a black police officer, who was arresting a black man. “You’re a house n*****!” the woman shouted. She continued to shout, “You’re a house n*****! You’re a house n*****!” The police officer made no reply, but continued with his job.

Plantation mentality. Get over it.

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