Sunday, September 6, 2020


Talking last night with a young woman who has lived in the neighborhood more than two years, and she recounted a short conversation with a woman who moved in about six months ago.

“She said that from her house she could see my bathroom window and that I had too many bottles in the window. She said the sight of all those bottles spoiled her and her husband’s dinner every night.

“I told her she should close her curtains if she doesn’t want to see my bathroom window.”

That’s the way, girl.

Bathroom windows in all the houses begin around five feet above the shower floor. Each window is at least four feet long. In most places, the window facing would be called a “shelf.”

People who were busy bodies in the places they moved from think they can just pick up the same habits here. West Central Florida is not New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York, Vermont, Connecticut, Massachusetts … Take your pick. 

People who move down here do so because of the weather and no income tax. They don’t need to bring their yankee ways of telling everybody else what to do.


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