Friday, September 18, 2020

Now I am from Somewhere Else

A couple of Christmases ago, my wife gave to me an ancestry find kit. Spit in the vial, send it off and find out where you are from.


Yesterday I got Report No. 3. My family is 56% English and Northern European (the map shows England, Wales and a piece of France, Belgium and Holland); 24% Scot; 12% Irish; and 8% Swedish.

Report #2 had us as majority Scots/Irish and the remainder English/Welsh.

Report #1 said we were Scots/Irish, Northern European, English/Welch, Scandinavian, Spanish/Portuguese, Greek/Italian, and Eastern European.

Why the changes? I am glad you asked. says:

“As you may know, we’re constantly evolving the technology and methods behind AncestryDNA®. Using a combination of scientific expertise, the world’s largest online consumer DNA database, and millions of family trees linked with DNA results, we’re releasing our most precise DNA update yet.”

New science! Well, evolving old science. And “our most precise DNA update yet.” When Report #4 comes in, who knows where we will be from?


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