Sunday, September 13, 2020

College president: Sorry we identified the suspect as ‘black.’

 University of Louisville made the apology a week after the school sent out an alert “warning the campus of a ‘Black Male wearing a red hoodie’ who had run away from Clark County Indiana Police.

OK, folks. Here is the approved format for warning when a possible thief/burglar/gunman/rapist is on campus:

“Social officers say they believe, based on descriptions given by the alleged victims, that the alleged assailant was a person, not too tall, not too untall; of a weight not considered obese or skinny; hair color possibly brown or black or blonde or some other color; wearing clothing possibly red in color, possibly purple. Anyone who thinks or feels or believes they/she/he/them knows the alleged assailant should call 1-800-HEP-MEDO. Callers need not give their names or any other possibly identifying information."

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