Sunday, September 13, 2020

A Google tour of Lozene, Romania

Lozne is a small town surrounded by farm land in Transylvania. The town has an old wooden church, the Church of St. Demetrius. Demetrius is a military saint.

Highway DJ109E is less than two lanes of thin pavement. Empty fields mark almost all of the scenery for several miles outside of town. The fields appear not to have been used in more than a year. There are no plow markings.

The road has many twists and turns. In places, trees grow quite close to the pavement.

In one place, you turn a 225-degree corner and see buildings several miles away to the north. The first buildings since leaving Lozna. Two more 45-degree turns, and you must be nearer civilization; the road has aluminum safety rails, almost obscured in the underbrush.

More twists and turns. The cluster of buildings no longer is in sight. You wonder if the road will take you anywhere but to witness bare fields and wooded hills. A long turn, and this time the safety rail is almost all visible. Going downhill now. Another 90-degree turn. The ditch near the road is concrete-lined. A sure sign civilization is not far away.

Just ahead – Farmhouses! The first is off to the left, 20 yards from the road. The house is used and worn, the roof tattered. A man and a women stand near the house, watching the car. Trees about 15 years old denote the perimeter of the yard. One tree is painted white for about five feet above the ground. 

A hard turn to the left and then one to the right a dozen or so yards later. The road spans a stream. Concrete safety barriers are about a foot high. Ahead and to the left is another house, and a barn. The house is larger and in better shape than the first house. The barn has a rock foundation. Its boards are weathered gray. The house sits about 30 feet away. It has a concrete foundation wall about three feet high. The walls of the house are a pinkish-gray plaster. The roof appears to be wood shingles. A gray door is centered on the front wall. In front of the house a woman carries something toward the house. A bare wood picket fence stretches for about 70 yards in front of the barn and the house.

Now there are more houses and barns, newer and clustered together. A tractor is parked near a house. A nearby barn is packed with hay. Five cows graze not far away. Twenty yards northeast are more houses, and a red car parked in the shade across the road. South of the road is a field of corn in need of picking. Farther along are several ricks of hay in a field.

These are the houses and barns and fields of poor farmers.

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