Sunday, September 6, 2020

University of Rhode Island removing WW2 veteran murals

The images are too white.

VP of student affairs, Kathy Collins,  says the decision was made because of “concerns over the murals’ impact on students of color.”

In 2017 when Dunkirk was released, a film critic got all bent out of shape because there were no soldiers of color shown in the British or French armies. The critic had nothing to say about the lack of diversity in the German army. The critic also got all hissy about the Normandy invasion four years later, somehow deciding a conspiracy in film-making, since, she said, both battles began with a D.

Rhode Island’s Collins said family members of the painter of the too-white murals will be invited to a dedication of the properly diverse murals “to thank them for their contributions to the university.”

Maybe the university will go all out and demand an apology from family members for their ancestor’s racism in not showing POCs in the original paintings.

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