Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Alyssa Milano should buy a network and show her face 24/7

Alyssa Milano just can’t get enough attention. She has been trying to prove She’s the Boss since debuting on television in 1984. On a segment of a late night TV show some years later, she complained that someone had posted nude pictures of her on line without her permission. Her demeanor at the time was not anger that the pictures were posted online, but that the poster had done so before getting her permission.

Milano also is a big fan of defunding police departments. But as happens with others who want police done away with, when trouble strikes, Milano calls 9-1-1.

From Gun Free Zone.

Alyssa Milano was full #DefundThePolice, emphasis in “was.”

Poor Alyssa, she or somebody in their household saw an evil man with a rifle in their property and had to call the cops she wants defunded.

Alyssa and her talent agent husband Dave Bugliari, 39, they said, had dialed 911 when they heard what they believed to be gunshots on their 1.39-acre property.

They allegedly told the emergency hotline the sound ‘scared their dogs’ and made them feel like the gunman was nearby.

A description was given of a suspect to the officers who was ‘male, 40-years old, with long rifle’.

You got that description? You know that had to be a White Supremacist Trumper after her and her family. SWAT team was out, choppers flying to save the enlightened Hollywood princess. And the culprit was found…more or less.

The search by air and street level lasted over three hours and ended abruptly at 12.20pm.

Alyssa and her husband Dave Bugliari were also concerned that it may be someone stalking the former Charmed and Who’s The Boss star

It turned out it was a neighborhood teen with an air gun shooting at squirrels,’ a resident told the

The male teenager witnessed the emergency response and later realized he was the cause and turned himself in.

From an adult in his 40s with a long rifle and ended up being a kid with a BB gun.

I know, it was the Wuhan V that made them see things, damned Trump! How come he did not do his duty and forbade the virus from entering the country? He needs to be impeached!

Dear God, she is nuts beyond help.

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