Thursday, September 24, 2020

Aliens on vacation

That is what makes up most UFO reports. George Jetson and family – his wife, Jane; daughter, Judy; son, Elroy; and Elroy’s dog, Astro. Or the equivalent families from universes as yet to be discovered.

Vacationing aliens do not land and tour Earth because their credit cards do not work here. Also, aliens on holiday usually just take a look, and photographs, lots and lots of photographs, and then leave, bound for another look-photograph world.

The aliens are much like visitors to the Grand Canyon, looking around but seldom taking a trip to the bottom.

The aliens who are not vacationers cause all the problems. Flying around nuclear missile bases and nuclear power plants, at least in the United States. We have no record of aliens visiting Soviet or Russian bases or power plants, but then, the Soviets were never exactly open about their nukes, and the Russian government has followed the Red example.

Alien physiologists also cause problems, with their kidnapping and probing and such. Those are not so different from our wildlife investigators, who drop nets on running animals or shoot darts into swift antelope just trying to get away from a helicopter.

Vacationing aliens play tricks on us Earthers. They know how to stir up controversies and give “alien astronaut theorists” air time on television. They are not stupid, our alien visitors. If they were, they would be unable to travel so far across space.


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