Wednesday, September 16, 2020


The eagles nesting in a tall dead tree in the woods just north of the pond out back must have taken up permanent residence. That would be good, for they entertain us humans.

A few months ago, the two adults were flying all over the place, climbing high, soaring on Gulf winds, making a race track circle. Then, one dived down, flew between several trees and flapped its wings until gaining altitude, joining the other adult. Then, the first dived again. The second followed into the trees, both climbing from the far side.

(As I write, two appear, an adult and a juvenile, over the trees, the adult dropping down and then turning east, the juvenile flying up and landing on a limb in the big dead tree. Also as I wrote, the juvenile took off again, but I did not see its departure.)

Several times over the last few months, my wife and I have seen an adult bringing fish to the nest.

I did not know whether the birds were golden eagles or bald eagles until a couple of weeks ago, when one flew by, about thirty feet above the water. Its white ruff was very visible, answering my question.

Last week, both adults and the juvenile were flying at the same time. The juvenile took perch in the dead tree. One adult flew into the trees, followed by the second. Then, one flew rapidly away from trees, screaming a raucous stream of sounds that would be considered bad language were it a person.

One thing notable, an eagle has a single look in its eyes. “You are prey and I am going to eat you.” Definitely a bird without humor.

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